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Peter Cheevers

United Kingdom
Wrtter of television, journalism poetry,books.

Status : Bronze Reader Rated : Bronze Store Rank : Bronze

Peter Cheevers has 3 Degrees, a BA (Hons) in Literature and Philosophy; a Masters in Semiotics, thesis, 'The Demise of the Avant Garde' and a PhD 'The Self as Subject'. He has had 2 books published and written for television and has had journalism and poetry published. After a short period of training at RADA summer school he has appeared many times on television and on stage.

Has written 12 stories and 7 articles in the genres: Biography, Contemporary, Dark Humour, Historical Drama, Mind Body & Spirit, Flash Fiction, Feel Good Fiction, Articles, Horror, and Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Member since : September 2014
Sales Rank : 162
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